Goth Girl Favourites: July

19 July 2018

Time is like hair pins and socks. You never really know where it goes.

It's nearly the end of JULY? What?!

This month's brought with it quite a number of unexpected favourites and discoveries. So without hesitation, let's delve into those...

Goth Fashion On A Budget

12 July 2018

Let's be real. Being goth is not cheap. If you want more intricate, fancy items you'll usually need to shell out quite a bit of cash. Great if you're getting good quality clothing/accessories but not so great for your bank account. Sigh.

Then again, who cares if your black vest is from Primark or Killstar? Psst: If someone tells you they do, ditch them, they're not worth your time. Being gothic's not about how much you can spend after all.

But hey, I get it. You still want to express yourself with your appearance. You'd just rather not go completely bankrupt. Fear not friend, for I have tips on how to do the goth thing on a budget.

Goth Girl 'Day Bag' Collection

18 June 2018

Bags. They enable me to carry all my shit from one place to another with ease.

An important piece. Not just for the practicalities. To me, it makes a statement alongside my outfit.

My day bag collection is currently not extremely big. I try to only purchase bags when I genuinely need them for different purposes. I recycle old, worn out bags at my local recycling centre so that nothing goes to waste.  

Goth Girl Bakes: Carrot Cake Cupcakes

12 June 2018

Cupcakes, next to all things Gothic, are my obsession. Because they're bloody tasty.

Think carrot cake but in cupcake form with a rich cream cheese style frosting.

You won't notice the omission of eggs and dairy in these either. They are just THAT good.


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