I'm A Gothic Girl, In A Blogging World

5 September 2018

I think certain labels can often be restrictive and unnecessary. All goths are individuals and have their own styles. Obviously not everyone will fit one category. Personally, I recognise my style primarily as pastel goth. Pastel goth combines 'softer' features and shades with more traditional gothic styles. I think it's sometimes assumed that all gothic people hate any other colour than black. It's simply not true. I don't hate everything that isn't 'gothic'.

This post is not to fuel or create divisiveness between goths and non-goths. I don't hate people who don't dress the way I do, nor do I judge people based on their personal clothing style. I prefer to judge people based on their character. We should all dress the way we are comfortable with. I have nothing against anything that's 'mainstream'. There's plenty of 'mainstream' stuff I enjoy as seen in my Ungoth Confessions post!

Don't take a shot for every time I say mainstream in this entire post. Seriously, you'll die.

This isn't a post complaining. I love my style, I love being a goth girl, I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm not trying to paint myself as some kind of 'super unique victim'.

At the same time, in a sea of 'mainstream' bloggers, being a gothic blogger can have its challenges. These are mine.

Gothic Fall Face Under £30

28 August 2018

Look through my make-up bag and you'll see a healthy selection of drugstore products. I don't believe you need to spend hundreds to achieve a full face of make-up that doesn't look like it came from the back streets of Ebay.

Considering the average high end foundation starts around £30 my total of £27.74 for a full face of make-up is LIT.

I knew I'd have to sacrifice those little extras I use to stay within my budget.  Goodbye for now primers, setting powders/sprays and contour products. How was I going to work around this? Could I find make-up that would look good and stay put without going insanely over budget?

Sinfully Good Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (Chewy & Fudgey)

22 August 2018

Double chocolate chip cookies are twice the fun. Chunks of chocolate melted amidst a chewy, chocolate dough. Oof. My soul needed saving when I tried these because they are SINFULLY GOOD.

You won't find dairy or eggs in this recipe, nor will you notice their absence (seriously). You don't need any fancy extra ingredients to make them either.

You can use any vegan butter to make these cookies (coconut oil or any flavourless vegetable oil will work too) but honestly I found Vitalite makes the best tasting cookie.

A delicious treat with a super rich chocolatey flavour and fudgey bite.

Hot damn get on with the recipe.

Goth Girl Favourites: July

19 July 2018

Time is like hair pins and socks. You never really know where it goes.

It's nearly the end of JULY? What?!

This month's brought with it quite a number of unexpected favourites and discoveries. So without hesitation, let's delve into those...


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